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Man who killed Chyna Carrillo plead guilty to Murder in 2011

Juan Carter Hernandez the man who police say murdered Chyna Carrillo on Thursday, February 18, plead guilty to murder in 2011 involving the death of another young woman in North Carolina in 2011.

Chyna Carrillo
Juan Carter Hernandez / Photo Maria Sestito – The Daily News

According to WKBN27 in Youngstown, a family identified Hernández as the man who killed their daughter Kandace Hernández.

The family says the murder happened in 2011 in North Carolina.

Hernández allegedly pleaded guilty to second degree murder and claimed he acted in self defense.

He reportedly was sentenced for 8-10 years but Kandac’s mother Tammy Larew wanted a longer sentence.

She feared he would hurt someone again.

Her worst fear came true when she heard the news of Hernández allegedly killing Cardena.

Larew feels if Hernández would have had a longer sentence, Cardena would still be alive.

“A few people ask me, ‘Do you feel that you got justice now because he’s gone?’ No. I mean, he’s gone, but he still did what he did to my daughter and to Chyna,” Larew said.

Friends and family held a vigil for Chyna Carrillo

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