Man who beat trans woman Jasmine Dominguez caught on video confessing

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The alleged attackers face was blurred because this is a ongoing investigation. “I’ve got bruises all over my face and body,” said Jasmine Dominguez.

One day later, the pain lingers, and so does the fear.

“I’m terrified. I can’t go out of the house,” said Dominguez.

Around 6:30 p.m. Wednesday, Dominguez went to a liquor store on College Avenue in Oak Park to buy a beer. Outside, she said a man started yelling at her, using an urban slang term for gay.

“I asked him, ‘Why do you have to hate on people?'”

Dominguez said moments later there was a flurry of punches in the face from the man and his friend, before the man emptied a can of pepper spray in her direction.

Nearby, there were dozens of bystanders.

“I’m screaming for help and nobody would help me,” said Dominguez.

Eventually somebody did call police and her attackers took off.


Later that night, Dominguez returned to document what happened when she said she ran right into her attacker. In the cellphone video, the man can be heard saying, “You want to get messed up huh?” and “I’ll beat you up. I’ll beat you up.”

At the end of the video, he appears to come at the camera before the recording stops.

Dominguez said he came at her again, but this time she got away.

10News reporter Michael Chen went back to the scene a day later looking for witnesses when a man who appeared to be the same man in the video was spotted. When asked about the incident, he called Dominguez a liar and left.

10News alerted police, and they said the investigation is ongoing.

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