Man on the MARTA train said he attacked the transgender woman in response to a sexual Innuendo

Thomas bends down showing  WSBTV how the
 transgender woman took off her clothes while fighting off
his accomplice.

Luther Thomas, one of the two men arrested for the two trans woman on a MARTA train told that he did so because she had told him he liked men with dreadlocks. Trigger warning. Thomas said that the woman became naked in the issuing altercation of her own volition.

“These guys they came on to on me the one who looked exactly like a female said she like guys with dreads”
He said he repeatedly denied their advances and that was what caused the fight. 

“The camera didn’t show that but she pulled off his skirt” he says that he doesn’t hate gay people.

In one frame she was wearing a tube top and bike shorts. During the next frame her top was pulled down and during the ensuing scuffle on the floor she emerged holding her clothes.

So she was fighting for her life and thought hey what a great time to get naked?

As far as being a come on that’s highly doubtful. The other trans woman was heard saying ‘just stop it’ repeatedly. It sounds more like he was trying to sound macho after being fought to draw by this woman.

Did Thomas just confesses to a hate crime?

“I hate that it did happen,” said Thomas. “I hate that I lost my temper. If I could do it all over again I probably would have moved to another car or got off the train or something.” “I don’t hate gay people at all. That’s not in my character at all. But when you are a gay guy and you come on to a straight guy and I tell you I don’t go that way then just let it be.”

The original uncensored video of the fight can be viewed here. Feel free to RT of MT. Can we get some justice Mr DA?

Man on MARTA train said he attacked the transgender woman in response to a sexual Innuendo #HateCrime @FultonCountyDA

— planetransgender (@kellibusey) June 4, 2014

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