Man attacks SUNY Trans student, blames hate on alcohol

District Attorney says that a hate crime charge is unlikely because of the minor nature of the injuries

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Roric Brown, 20, was in a Court Street bar and allegedly threw a drink in the victims face, called them a “faggot,” and punched them. Brown was charged with Aggravated Harassment in the Second Degree and Harassment in the Second Degree.

A Pittsford man was arrested for allegedly punching a SUNY Geneseo transgender student this past Friday night.

Roric ‘Rory’ Brown, 20, told the that he was in the Statesman Bar on Court Street when the incident occurred but was later arrested the next day at his buddy’s apartment in Geneseo.

“This was just drunken stupidness and a bar argument,” said Brown. “I have absolutely nothing against homosexual or transgender people in anyway.”

According to Brown the evening is a bit foggy and all he remembers is that the victim bumped into him on the dance floor and that they began screaming at each other. Brown also stated he previously knew the alleged victim.

The victim told 13WHAM News that Brown was clearly intoxicated. “I’m not saying he targeted me per se,” she said. “But I am saying you don’t lay another hand on a person regardless of gender identity or sexual orientation…he was intoxicated, but I don’t think that should be an excuse for your actions.”

The President of SUNY Geneseo Pride Alliance said she believes this was a hate crime. “Oh yeah, absolutely,” said Bella Rabinovich, explaining her position on the matter. “It was based on gender, and what they were wearing, gender expression and gender were used, the f-word as well.” Livingston County District Attorney Greg McCaffrey told 13WHAM News that a hate crime charge is unlikely because of the minor nature of the injuries, but it’s not something he’s completely ruling out at this point. “We’re still investigating, I will be speaking with the victim and we’ll deal with it accordingly.” McCaffrey said, explaining the charges of aggravated in the second degree currently faced by Brown. “It’s a class-A misdemeanor, could be up to one year in jail.”

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