Man attacked for wearing Trans Lives Matter hoodie after OutFest


Police want these two men for a possible hate crime for attacking a Transgender Man inside a Philidelphia 7-Eleven.

Family members say he was attacked by two thugs because he was wearing a “Trans Lives Matter” hoodie inside an Old City 7-Eleven store following Philadelphia’s annual OutFest event.

Philidelphia Outfest events run from Saturday through Monday. NBC10 was not clear about what day the attack occurred on.

If you have information about this crime please contact the Philidelphia Police.

DIAL OR TEXT – 215.686.TIPS (8477)

Photo/Video Tips via Email – if you would like to submit a tip, including photo or video, send an email to


  1. I hope they get caught and the law throughs the book at them
    Seriously, when we have to start watching what colors we wear, thats when some people in society need to take classes in growing up. What a stupid thing to attack somebody for. Loser


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