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Man arrested with the heart of a trans woman he killed

Kelly da Silva AKA Mother Laura Photo FaceBook

Updated 1/24/2019 The victims name is Kelly da Silva acorrding to Huff Post Brazil

Caio dos Santos de Oliveira, 20, was arrested Monday in Campinas, São Paulo after confessing to the murder of a transgender woman known as Mother Laura.

Oliveira told police that after having sex with bar owner Mother Laura, 35, he cut her hear out and stole her phone and $250.00 Police later found her heart wrapped in a cloth in a cabinet at his home at Rua Amadeo Silvestre Ramos, Jardim Marisa, Brazil.
correio.rac.com.br reports that the crime was discovered almost by accident during a routine patrol carried out by the police early yesterday morning, Oliveira was very nervous seeing police in Jardim Marisa, ran into a commercial establishment and was quickly kicked out by the owner.

Mother Laura
Smiling and with disjointed statements, Oliveira was presented at the 2nd Sectional Police Station in Campinas and said he had met the victim the night before. Image g1.globo video screen capture.

When he was restrained by the patrolmen, he would have given misleading information and, with many excoriations, would have confessed the crime very coldly and calmly. “He said that he had killed a person in Campo Belo and took us to the place.”

Arriving there we found the bar door lowered and the victim dropped with a perforation in the chest and without her heart, “said Sergeant Silva. The victim’s heart was located under the wardrobe of the accused’s house.

He did not report what he intended to do with the organ. One aspect that caught the attention of the police officers who went to the crime scene was that an image of Our Lady of Aparecida was thrown over the head of Mother Laura and there were many bottles broken, which shows that both entered into a body fight before the robbery was consummated.

Source: Trans Violence News.
R.I.P. Mother Laura

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  1. RIP Mother Laura. Hopefully this psycho will never see the light of day again. Whether in this life or the next, justice will be served.


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