Man arrested protesting Targets Transgender policy charged with domestic violence

Michael Lloyd Merichko

Managers at the Bradley Illinois Target told employees Monday to evacuate the floor after Michael Lloyd Merichko questioned them about Target’s bathroom policy. One hysterical team member called the police and gave a second-hand account saying that there was an ‘active shooter’ in the store. (Listen to the 911 call by clicking the Daily Journal link at the bottom of the post)

Michael Lloyd Merichko

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There is an obvious disconnect Merichko’s memory of the incident, what actually occurred, and how mainstream media is downplaying the criminal activity as just a man protesting Targets bathroom policy.

“Here’s the concern,” Merichko says he told the Target employee after she explained that Target welcomes transgender employees and guests to use the restroom that corresponds with their gender identity.

“I am a husband, and I am a father. And I have a wife and a daughter. I do not want some wicked pervert in the same bathroom as my wife or my daughter, someone who self-identifies at that time as woman. That’s a problem, don’t you think,” Merichko says he told the employee.
Merichko says that he was walking around the Target store holding his Bible and reading and memorizing scriptures to himself. He says that after police officers questioned him he told them that he disapproved of Target’s transgender bathroom law and that the Bible “110% disagreed with this so-called law.” He says that he would go in the bathroom with his wife and daughter “and stand guard” to prevent “some wicked pervert” from laying a hand on them.

From a previous Target protest….

According to Daily Journal, Merichko was arrested two days later for domestic battery after allegedly bruising his eight year old son.

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