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Male gamers “swatting” a Transgender female player almost ends in tragedy

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Trans woman Grace Lynn makes a video of her former home. Grace says she publicly addresses swatting which might be the reason she was targeted.

Swat, battering rams and guns in hand were ready to free a hostage Saturday, but learned it was a hoax just in time
Not being a part of the online gaming world I usually look at male bias in gaming in the abstract. However, this time, an adolescent prank called “Swatting” could have turned deadly, and the victims never even played.

Portland resident Robert Reubendall just happened to be up late Saturday. Noticing his dog barking looked out his window he saw a half-dozen swat member’s battering ram in hand.

According to KATU the officers had their eyes on Kyle Hart’s house, which was just a few homes down the street on the 11200 block of SW Capitol Avenue.

Driving back home from a friends, Hart says he noticed police cars coming from virtually every direction. Once he got home, he went downstairs to quiet his roommate’s dog, Henry, who, for some reason, would not stop barking. When he came back up, a friend staying with him, pointed to a couple missed calls from a strange number on his cell phone.

“And I listen to the voicemail and he says, ‘Hey this is, I believe, Officer Harvey, of the police department. Like, where are you? Are you in the house and are you at gunpoint,?'” Hart recounted.

“So, I walk over there and there is about 5-6 policeman all dressed in full armor and one had a battering ram. I see my terrified roommate and they kind of explain the situation like, what’s going on,” Hart added.

It was a hoax.

Trans woman Grace Lynn, 35, says she was the intended target of the so-called “Swatting” plot, which is when someone spoofs a 911 call, in this case, claiming to be held hostage. It is typically done in some form of payback in the gaming world.

Kelli Busey
Kelli, Busey is managing editor at Planet Transgender


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