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Malaysian Transgender : Let Suryani Live as a Woman

Suryani, Malaysian Transwoman was denied asylum by the Danish Authorities
The story of Suryani, a Malaysian Transwoman, is starting to get attention as she have been denied asylum by the Danish authorities just because of her Gender Identity. Suryani has fled from Malaysia to seek protection and hoped to live a free life and be herself.

Suryani could not cope living in Malaysia where Transgender individuals are often harassed, attacked and arrested for putting on dresses and just being themselves. She fears for her life, as she would not want the same tragedy happened to her as her 5 friends who were transwomen were murdered in association of hate crime. The authorities did not recognize the homicide as hate crime as the 5 victims was not registered as transgender. Their identity were confirmed by Human Rights Watch in the report “I’m Scared to be a Woman”

She will be often questioned as she walked on the street and sacred if she got caught by the authorities, she will be locked up in the male cells where cases were often heard about transwomen being raped, and sexually abused or taken advantage of. These are risks that Suryani did not want to go through.

The Danish authorities won’t permit her protection and she wants her voice to be heard so that a fair judgement can be done for her to live her life carefree from any stigmas and discrimination.

We at Planet Transgender together support Suryani to get her protection and end her fears. Like this Facebook Page to show your support for Suryani and drop her a wall message to motivate her for her fight.

Jameel Rahman
I am a Transman, an art Major artist and a Fitness Trainer as well as a Trans* Activist, working closely with the Transgender community in Malaysia to challenge and fight discrimination and stigma, as well as providing education for the public about Transgenders. I do comic about my life when I'm free.


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