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Malaysia Transgenders : Discriminated, humiliated, abused are only a few of them.

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“No where in our constitution does it say you can treat one part of our society in a demeaning and inhuman way.” Ratna Osman

MALAYSIA: No longer a moderate country: Transgender people are under THREAT.

Stripped down, sexually harassed, force on for sex, and getting beaten up. These are just a few of what Malaysian Transwomen and Transmen gone through. The threat that has been given to trans individuals ares seemingly unfair and unjust.

On Thursday, The Human Rights Watch published “I’m Scared to be a Woman : Human Rights Abuses Against Transgender People in Malaysia ” a report and document that have interviewed 42 Transwomen and 3 Transmen on their experiences with abusive individuals including siblings, authorities and public. The 73 pages of reports recorded high detailed on abusive cases, some are even horrifying.

They chased me into a hotel and grabbed me. They hit me, punched me in the face, choked me, and told me was guilty. I felt dizzy and collapsed. One of them tried to stomp on my chest, but I was saved by someone who pulled me away.” Serafina, a transgender woman in Seremban said.

My arrest was published in the newspaper, with a blur on my face, but my statement was there. … My colleagues at work spread around the story. My manager got the newspaper, and he said, ‘I don’t agree with that.’ My manager knew I was a mak nyah (term for Transwoman in Malay Language), but he was upset that I was in the paper, so he fired me.” Beka, a Transgender woman

Human Rights Watch have called out the government to put the end of the discrimination among transgenders and ask to mend the law that are against the transgender group. They have also contacted the Ministry of Health and The Prison Department to ask about policies that affects Transgender individuals, but neither of them gave any response.

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In Malaysia, Muslim individuals, according to the government covers up to 60% in overall population who are subject to state-level Sharia (Islamic law) ordinances, in addition to the federal criminal law . Since the 1980s, every state has passed Sharia criminal enactments that institutionalize discrimination against transgender people. All 13 Malaysian states prohibit Muslim men from “dressing as women,” while three states also criminalize “women posing as men.” The laws, enforced by state Islamic Religious Departments, do not define what constitutes transgender dressing or posing.

“I’m Scared to Be a Woman”

Full report can be seen at Human Rights Watch

Media report
malaymailonline.comMalaysian transgenders sexually abused, violated by religious authorities, report finds –

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I am a Transman, an art Major artist and a Fitness Trainer as well as a Trans* Activist, working closely with the Transgender community in Malaysia to challenge and fight discrimination and stigma, as well as providing education for the public about Transgenders. I do comic about my life when I'm free.


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