Malaysia: Ministry stops funding a critical NGO that assists transgender people

maylasia chow market workers
Chow street center volunteers distributing free condoms to trans and cisgender sex workers

The Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development has recently given a Non-Profit Government Organization known as PBKS (Social Assistance and Services Centre) a notice that they will no longer fund them starting in January 2015. PBKS has been assisting transgender individual, along with sex workers, HIV positive individual, homeless people and poor people.

They will stop the support on this NGO just because PBKS has been assisting Transgender and HIV visitors. There is no solid reason why the Ministry has made this decision.

Mitch Yusmar Yusof, senior manager of PBKS that is managed by the NGO Seed Foundation, said the ministry informed them earlier this month that it will not fund PBKS next year, marking an abrupt halt to the RM700,000 (201389 USD) funding that PBKS has received from Putrajaya annually for the past seven years and which it relies on completely.

Now, in the midst of facing closure of their Centres and Facilities, they are seeking funds to continue helping these individuals to let them have a safe space and help. The funds they are seeking will help them hold on for another 6 months while they look for alternative ways to get long-term funding.

You can help save the Chow Kit drop-in center by clicking this Link and help this Centre continue helping the unjust lives so they will keep on living.

Malaysian transman Jameel Abdul Rahman, contributing journalist

Author’s Point of View : I believe this is a revenge from the Government who are known for their discrimination among minorities and since Section 66 won their appeal at the Appeal Court, there is no other explanation why the funding stop. Again this is only an assumption.

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