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Make it Happen. Political Activism Training By Equality Texas

Attendees included two transgender people. Nikki Taylor, founder of the newly formed Fort Worth Transgender support group, bottom row second from the right, and of course myself sitting next to her in my T peep shirt grinning like a lunatic.

Most of my posts in recent years have been about or what a certain equality federation member misdeeds have been, but its time for me to come out of the transsexual menace closet.
I have been a member of and have participated in events with Equality Texas for years.

Equality federation members have a lot of latitude in how they approach equal rights issues and the methods they use to obtain that end. Sadly in the recent past some Equality Federation members have sacrificed public accommodations or at least tried to, on the alter of marriage equality or even worst, just for a feather in there caps.

Not so in Texas. In talking with Equality Texas Executive Director
Dennis Coleman at the class he reassured me the official position of Equality Texas remains unchanged regarding public accommodations.

In all reality this came as no suprise to me. Daniel Wiilams, the newly appointed field activist is one of the people I admire the most in the world and one our most impassioned allies.

So the class? It was fun, informative and energizing. Daniel travels nearly every weekend conducting these, focusing on getting to places which otherwise would have never had a LGBT political activism class, like colleyville, Texas.

I’m going to schedule a appointment with my districts Representative. It’s time to make that change I want to see globally, happen locally.

What of your Equality Federation Member? What is their position on Public Accommodations?

Live in Texas and are interested in attending a political Activism Class?
Check out the where and when on the EQTX Event Calender

Contact Daniel Williams, EQTX Field Organizer for details at:

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  1. Us girls had to simultaneously introduce identical bills in both the House and the Senate in order to get our legislation passed ” SB101 Crossing your left leg over your right is ok” before the session ended.



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