Maine Transman Conner MacCalister held for the heinous murder of a grandmother

Wendy Boudreau

Wendy Boudreau

A Saco Maine transgender man is being held without bail after allegedly going to Shaws supermarket, choosing a victim at random and slitting the throat of Wendy Boudreau, 59, a grandmother of five.

Connor MacCalister, 31, was originally identified by police as female, but it was later learned from his brother that he was in transition to male.

Police say MacCalister told them he choose Boudreau because she looked defenseless, approached her from behind and slit her throat. Boudreau later died in the hospital.

MacCalister told a store employee the he was ‘off his meds and didn’t mean to do it’. MacCalister didn’t  enter a plea is being held without bail at York County Jail waiting on a court-ordered mental evaluation.

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