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Transgender Incarceration

Maine County says trans inmate’s female driver license does not make her a woman

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Transgender woman Aja Kennedy was sentenced in 2012 for embezzling $10,668 between December 2008 and February 2011 from a Fleet Street hair salon which employed her. She has since filed a federal lawsuit saying that the county knowingly placed her in a men’s jail where she was raped twice.

Rockingham County countered by saying that Kennedy changed her name and the gender marker on her driver’s license to female with the express purpose defrauding a local business therefore invalidating her gender.

Kennedy’s lawsuit isn’t contesting that the crimes took place but said that she changed the gender marker on her license 20 years ago and has lived outwardly as a woman since.

Source Seacoast online: Kennedy’s federal lawsuit alleges that on May 2, 2012, Kennedy entered the jail as an inmate, was “feminine appearing, held herself out as female and lived her life as a female.” About 20 years earlier, according to the suit, Kennedy changed gender from male to female on a New Hampshire driver’s license. In spite of that, the suit alleges, Kennedy was housed with men at the jail and was sexually harassed and assaulted.

Kennedy is identified as a woman and “she” in the lawsuit filed against the county by Concord attorney Larry Vogelman. In a response to the lawsuit, filed by attorney Corey Belobrow, Kennedy is referred to as a “he.”

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