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Mack Beggs wins Division to wrestle Girls Friday

Mack Beggs

Mack Beggs an undefeated transgender wrestler from Texas has just won his High School regional division and will be competing against girl’s at the Texas State Championship Friday.

Beggs will be wrestling against girls at state due to statewide rule change orchestrated last summer by Lt. Governor Dan Patrick.  The UIL, the statewide athlete rulemaking organization presumably pressured by Patrick punted to the state school superintendents requiring them to vote on new transgender athletic rules. The vote was unsurprisingly overwhelming in favor of disenfranchising transgender athletes.

The superintendents voted, enacting a rule change that requires student-athletes to compete in the gender as indicated by their birth certificates, but with one caveat.

Although the UIL bans performance enhancing drugs it recognizes and does not outlaw the medically approved treatment that Beggs is undergoing to transform his body to align with his innate sense of gender, which is male.

An attorney who sought to stop Beggs from competing has become one of his biggest advocates.

Chicago Tribune reports that attorney Jim Baudhuin unsuccessfully sought an injunction before the district and regional meets, seeking to prevent Beggs from wrestling during the transition.

Baudhuin now blames the state’s governing body for public school athletics and a vote a year ago by school superintendents and athletic directors that required athletes to compete under the gender on their birth certificates.

“The more I learn about this, the more I realize that he’s just trying to live his life and his family is, too,” Baudhuin said of Beggs. “He’s being forced into that position. Who knows, through discovery we may find out that’s not the case. But every indication is, the way the winds are going now, the blame rests with the UIL and the superintendents.”

Baudhuin who represented a school parent declined to file an injunction which could have stopped Beggs from competing this weekend.

Given that the federal government has just abandoned transgender students it become our duty to support Beggs and all transgender students.

Yet this has become the rallying cry of many political conservatives.” Reports Sports Day “If you’re born a girl, you’re a girl.” They need to keep this one out of this restroom and that one out of that locker room.

This time, it all backfired. The trans boy — whose testosterone regimen is within state policy as it is medicinal and approved by doctors — was forced to wrestle girls and he beat them over and over again. He beat them every single time they were willing to step onto the mat with him this season.

Now some of those same people are crying foul. I’m not going to link to their disgusting commentary here, but I’ve seen various conservative loudmouths call Beggs’ victories unfair and claim he is taking advantage of being born a girl.

No, he’s not. These close-minded transphobes are the very reason he is not competing against other boys.

We’ll be cheering Beggs along as he competes this weekend

Kelli Busey
Kelli, Busey is managing editor at Planet Transgender


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