Gov. Edwards held a news conference following adjournment of the special veto session praising the Legislature for coming together in a nonpartisan vote to sustain his veto of the bill targeting transgender youth.

The Louisiana Legislature has failed to override Gov. John Bel Edwards’ veto of a bill that would have banned transgender athletes from girls’ high school and women’s college sports. wdsu reports that the House of Representatives voted 68-30 Wednesday afternoon to override the veto, falling two short of the needed 70 votes.

“I would rather the headlines going out from today to be that Louisiana did what was right and best and we rejected a play out of a national playbook that just had no place in Louisiana. That bill wasn’t crafted for our state. I mean go read it and look at the arguments that were made none of that applies here and I’m gonna go a little bit further….”

“If on the one hand the bill is totally unnecessary and on another it’s harmful then it also makes it mean. It also makes it mean because it’s
directed at the most emotionally fragile children in the state of Louisiana who are not even trying to do that which the law would prohibit them from doing.”

“We have to be better than that we, have to be better than that,” said Governor John Bel Edwards.

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Kelli, Busey is managing editor at Planet Transgender