“Live Fast Die Young” dynamic new music by trans woman Yui Karlberg

Waritsara Karlburg

Yui Karlberg

There’s some new musical trans talent out there, and I was just lucky enough to get an interview with one of these  people before she goes  big time. Her name is Waritsara Karlberg.  You might know Waritsara by her stage/nick name Yui.  As her name suggests she doesn’t fit neatly into a homogenized acronym. Her latest release, a breakout song, without a doubt, has to be listened to.

I asked Yui to talk about the track “Live Fast Die Young”,  The songs title alone evokes many images, some energetically youthful and some problematic.

I started writing it because there have been times when I am on the phone” Yui explained “They call me sir and when I tell them to call me madam they go back to calling me sir again. said Yui”

“So, misgendering is in there and it’s about how I feel about all kinds of prejudice, especially racism and transphobia.

Kelli: How has transition affected your music?

Yui: Well, I don’t have to hide anything anymore. I had written a few songs about being in the closet already but after coming out and starting to transition, my songs became so much more passionate. Music has been very therapeutic too.

K: Talk about the intersectionality regarding your your ethnicity, music making and trans status.

Y: I was brought up in Thai and Chinese way by my mum and I’m a devout Theravheda Buddhist. That’s where most of my beliefs come from so living in western society can be frustrating at times. Hence, something to write about.

K: Do you consider yourself foremost a musician or an activist?

Y: I would say more of a musician but I aim to use the music to help me as a Trans advocate. I’m very protective of the Trans community.

K: I don’t see any links to I tunes. Are you planing on going commercial?

Y: Yeah, am on iTunes, Amazon and spotify….
I would like to go as commercial to raise transgender awareness. Music and knowledge is power

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