Liturgy Lead Singer Hunter Hunt-Hendrix makes public her true gender

Hunter Hunt-Hendrix
Hunter Hunt-Hedrix
Hunter Hunt-Hendrix / Instagram

Hunter Hunt-Hendrix, lead singer for the Black metal band Liturgy came out officially as a woman Wednesday in a message to her fans on Instagram.

“I am a woman. I’ve always been one,” she wrote in her post to fans. “The love I have to give is a woman’s love, if only because it is mine. To varying degrees many already understand this, but I’d like to make a clear statement about my actual gender.”

Billboard reports that Hunt-Hendrix established that she’s known she is a woman since long before founding Liturgy, but decided not to come out “out of fear” of “social rejection, romantic rejection, career rejection, rejection by my family, failure.” But she said that the “vagueness and incongruity” of trying to live in the closet has been too painful to handle, and she’s finally ready for be true to her authentic self in public.

“The feminine imbues everything I am, beyond ‘gender identity,'” she wrote. “The music and ideas I compose come from a female heart, whatever that means, and I don’t want to partially distort the transmission through an ‘effeminate male’ mask any longer. I don’t fully understand what I mean, or why it is true, but I experience it with lived certainty, and say it with sincerity.”

Hunt-Hendrix closed out her note by giving her fans the clearest possible message about how she came to her own decision to finally come out. “Through a long-developing process I’ve finally broken free from some kind of compromise I felt I needed to accept, without being fully conscious of what I was doing or able to seriously imagine an alternative for myself,” she said. “It has been very emotional, and it’s over now, so I’m punctuating it.”

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Initially a synonym for “Satanic metal”, black metal has often sparked controversy, due to the actions and ideologies associated with the genre. Many artists express extreme anti-Christian and misanthropic views, advocating various forms of Satanism or ethnic paganism. In the 1990s, members of the scene were responsible for a spate of church burnings and murders. There is also a small neo-Nazi movement within black metal, although it has been shunned by many prominent artists. Generally, black metal strives to remain an underground phenomenon.

“God of Love” 2019 release by Liturgy incorporating symphonic components. The band have described their music as “transcendental black metal,” which was especially described in a manifesto written by Hunt-Hendrix; in the process of transforming their style of black metal, they have experimented with other genres including progressive rock, hip hop, and electronic music

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