Lily Allen Celebrates Trans Awareness Week, Receives Transphobic Responses


British singer Lily Allen, sister of Game of Thones’ Alfie Allen, posted a meme on Facebook to celebrate Transgender Awareness Week and show support to the transgender community.  The meme was very simple and clear, it said that gender is decided by the brain, not by genitals.

Whilst this is a very simple fact that members of the trans community know and understand, and many members of the cis community are coming to realise, the singer was met with a torrent of abuse for her meme, with many of the top comments being transphobic in nature.

Comments range from people claiming scientific knowledge on the subject, though it is obvious that this knowledge is based solely on primary school learning and no real in depth knowledge, to people making the oh so funny comments that they wish to identify as animals now.

lily allen tweets

On a positive not, there was a lot of positive support for Lily Allens post, with a number of trans people weighing in to thank the singer and show their appreciation.  Sadly, despite trying to educate those people that disagree with basic fact, it seems like they’re simply talking to a wall.  The people making these negative comments aren’t going to have their minds changed by the trans community.

Sadly this is an indicator that despite how far the trans community has come, there is still a so much more that needs to happen before the trans community becomes fully accepted.


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