Lexie Cannes Exciting Transgender Positive Indie Film


Lexie Cannes” is a COMPLETED indie feature film that is part romance, part mystery, part social statement and nearly always a complex exploration of a transgendered woman’s relationship to the world that surrounds her.
Filmed with a dizzying array of imagery, emotions, and dialogue, “Lexie Cannes” promises to be a great artistic contribution to our TG community. Spread the word about this film! Thank you!

-Richard Propes, The Independent Critic Reviewer“. . .”Lexie Cannes” is a uniquely written and photographed film that almost taunts the audience with a dizzying array of imagery, emotions, dialogue (mostly spoken in American Sign Language) and grainy, mind-altering cinematography . . .”

-Brian Morton, Rogue Cinema Reviewer“Lexie Cannes looks amazing, Lexie is deaf, so the movie is told from the perspective of a deaf person, which is a very interesting point of view, there is sound in the movie, but when the characters speak, it’s largely with sign language and is subtitled. The story is a good one . . .”

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Kelli, Busey is managing editor at Planet Transgender


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