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Letter to the editor Bowling Green Tribune Vote YES against Discrimination

I am Kelli Anne Busey, Cleveland-born transgender activist and woman of faith. I founded the 5000 member Facebook group TransAction ConVergence.

I became concerned with Bowling Green’s embattled LGBT human rights ordinances because of the malicious nonstop attack on innocent non-Ohioans by the local opposition’s canned mass mailing.

In response, I initiated an event asking my members to “picture themselves in Bowling Green”. We now invite you into our lives, to see our faces, hear our voices, by visiting us on my blog planetransgender and meeting us!

I took it one step further and offered our event to One Bowling Green to illustrate our community’s goodwill. But the ONE campaign did not accept our offer, explaining that although they appreciated our desire to help, they “felt it was very important to concentrate on the faces and voices of Bowling Green.”

We have gladly complied with this request even as the opponents of the ordinances brought in multiple non-resident “experts”, their appearances being hyped with national right wing media. The accusation by opponents of the ordinances that ONE Bowling Green has done the same is, in fact, dishonest.

Time after time across our great country similar attacks on equality ordinances have failed. Gainesville, Fort Worth, and Kalamazoo, plus the states of Maryland and Texas are shining examples of how people of good will vote. Conservatives, liberals and people of faith have all been led by their own personal moral imperatives to vote for equality. When given the chance, most Americans have not taken an ‘easy out’ or chosen to take a politically expedient “no to equality” stand. Across all demographics, people are saying “Yes” to fairness and equality.

Transgender, Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual people need only to be given the opportunity that cisgender (people born comfortable with their gender expression) and heterosexual people now enjoy. We are your neighbors, police officers, store clerks, mayors and unfortunately, mainly due to prejudice, still the most likely to commit suicide.

You, Bowling Green, have an opportunity that would make me, an Ohio native, so very proud. You have the power to be who you say you are – welcoming of all people as our American founders intended.
Please Vote YES on 7905 and 7906.

Thank you
Kelli Anne Busey
Fort Worth, Texas

Submitted to the editor Bowling Green Sentinel-Tribune October 20, 2010

Kelli Busey
Kelli, Busey is managing editor at Planet Transgender


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