Let’s talk about Transgender Rights

Transgender Rights

Melinda Summer speaking at the 2018 Women’s March. Photo provided.

By Melinda Summer,
Nuclear Medicine, Radiologic Technologist.


For some reason, politicians and priests want to teach biology, which is not
where their education is and people want to believe them, instead of doctors and
others who have studied biology. They try to pass laws and sway public opinion
out of their ignorance by instilling fear of something they do not understand.

Unfortunately, children are dying because of their ignorance. All parents should
be appalled that politicians and priests want children, any children, to die. Even
the millions who have survived long enough to become adults themselves.
So let’s start with biology. In school we learned that all embryos are female;
until about half are exposed to testosterone and become male fetuses with male
brains. In those that do not fully transition their genitals from female to male in
the womb, these children are called Intersex, or what used to be called
Hermaphrodite. It used to be believed that the gender in the mind would follow
the genitals, so they used to perform surgery on those infants whose genitals
were not clearly male or female to fit into male or female on a birth certificate.
Several retrospective studies have shown that the surgeon’s best guess as
to whether an infant was male or female was wrong over ninety percent of
the time, leading to a genital- gender mismatch for those children. This genital-
gender mismatch is what causes Gender Dysphoria. This is the same as those
whose brains do not become male in the womb, even though their genitals do.
There are also infants who are born with testosterone going to their brains, but
not to their genitals. This is what naturally causes the genital- gender mismatch
that is now known more accurately as Gender Dysphoria.
It is estimated that about three percent of the population is born with a
genital- gender mismatch and another three percent is born intersex, or what
used to be called Hermaphrodite. This makes sense because the only option to
end Gender Dysphoria used to be suicide in one form of another, or now to
medically transition and become Transgender. Four-year-olds have run into traffic
because they could not be princesses. Seven-year-olds had tried jumping out of
upper floor windows because they could not get a haircut like a boy. The biggest
trigger of suicide is going through the wrong puberty.

I never wanted my voice to sound like this.

It wasn’t until 2013 that the World Professional Association on Transgender
Health (W PATH) changed the diagnosis of Gender Identity Disorder to the more
accurate Gender Dysphoria. They also re-classified it not as a mental illness, but a
mental distress. It wasn’t until 2015 that three former Surgeon Generals of the
United States wrote a letter to colleagues to stop performing surgeries on infants
whose genitals were undifferentiated at birth. It is now widely accepted that
children usually know what gender they are between the ages of four to seven. I
told my mom I was a girl when I was five. She screamed at me to never say that
again. That was in 1968.

The only current medical treatment for Gender Dysphoria is to become
transgender. The old option was to end one’s life. That’s what most did who had
surgery as infants too. I stood at the top of a cliff at the age of thirteen with tears
in my eyes ready to go, but my parents had just divorced a few months earlier and
I thought my mom might need me. The thoughts of suicide still haunt me and
have led to alcoholism.

Early socialization in one’s true gender should begin early and going
through the wrong puberty should be avoided. There are few women who want a
voice like mine, especially me.

The current administration wants to avoid the current medical practice and
has even tried to make it illegal. They mistakenly think that caskets for children
are better than hormones and the possibility of surgery. Politicians and others
should not try to teach biology, they obviously know little about it. They state that
God doesn’t make mistakes. I say they are right. I am not a mistake; I just went
through the wrong puberty, and that is simply biology. I am hoping to stop others
from having to go through what I have gone through. I am hoping there are
parents out there who love their children and want them to be able to grow up to
be happy and healthy; like other children. We all should have that right.
They are called Human Rights for a reason.

1-15-2020 Melinda Summer CNMT

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