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Lebanon becomes first of the Arab Levant to legalize gender maker changes

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Lebanon becomes first of the Arab Levant to legalize gender maker changes

2015 was indeed a bad year for the Arab transgender community. Media’s new hot topic, transgender issues resulted in shows making special episodes about us, but mostly in a bad way. In the streets, Trans people were being attacked and humiliated, several videos on the internet were showing what the word transphobia really means.

But as 2015 ended, 2016 started with good news, to be more specific, great news! Lebanon, that small country in the Arab Levant became the first of those Arab countries to give the legal right to their trans citizens to change their gender as decided by the Court of Appeal.

A case of a trans man in Beirut has landed into the hands of judge Janet Hanna, and while examining the case, three basic rights were confirmed by the judge Hanna:

1- The right to change gender to relieve psychological and social suffering.

2- The right to access treatment for gender conditions.

3- The right to privacy.

“The person’s right to receive the necessary treatment to relieve the suffering from physical and mental illness is a fundamental and natural right, no one can deprive him of it” said judge Hanna

Many has described 2015 to be the year of trans visibility, but not for Arab countries, would 2016 be the start of a new era for transgender rights in Arab world?

For more about the story, please visit the source article by MTV Lebanon here.


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