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“LEAVING VOGUE MORAN” The ultimate trans chaser turned love story


“LEAVING VOGUE MORAN is not a story of trans rights. This is a story of a douche bag desperately trying to find a way not to be a douche bag anymore.” Vogue Moran explains “This is my story. I wanted to have a normal life, but how do you have a normal life with a transsexual? Maybe if I was gay it would be alright, but with transsexuals, it’s like a being a freak in a circus of freaks!”

batmanThe only way to properly address Wayne Mohan becoming “Vogue Moran” is from the lens of the past, before the internet, before the “T” word was said and long before “Tranny” was appropriated by Israel Luna to hurt us and made into something we were ashamed of.

Wayne Mohan took on the persona of a superhero often seen in New Haven Connecticut dressed as Batman. Admittedly he did this as a purge mechanism after having sex with transgender women.

Some people, like myself who transitioned before the internet, experienced the same thing Wayne did as a lover of transsexuals.
Like Wayne, I felt the irresistible ultimate high of briefly living authenticity, inevitably followed by the purge. The purge was the time in which I felt intense shame, but instead of throwing away people, I threw away my cosmetics. I would promise myself it would never happen again and praying that no one I knew saw me.

Then 3 months later the insatiable urge to express my femininity would begin again…

This happened to Wayne only he experienced this as what we knew back then as a ‘tranny chaser’. The guys on the Harleys who were always following me, picking me up. The guys in the clubs who were always around. They were faces, bodies, money and sex, but never love.

So what happens to Vogue Moran? Was he ever able to find a cisgender woman whom he could love? Vogue so desperately wanted to change. Or did he murder one of us as in ‘transpanic’ after his sexual desires were sedated before the focus of his lust became public knowledge? Or maybe Wayne found wholeness of spirit in another way?

All can say is grab yourself a box of tissues, sit down and watch the trailer then if so inclined, pay the few bucks for what may be the ultimate ‘tranny chaser’ movie of all time.



Rent or Buy “Leaving Vogue Moran”

Well, apparently not everyone is pleased with Wayne’s documentary as I was or perhaps as you will be. Huffington Post’s critical interview by Alexa Corazón asks regarding Leaving Vogue Moran whether “Trans Attraction”: Objectifying or Progressive?


Alexa Corazón’s Interview with Director of Controversial Trans-Documentary from LEAVING VOGUE MORAN on Vimeo.

Executive Produced by Stephen Chbosky (writer/director of THE PERKS OF BEING A WALLFLOWER), LEAVING VOGUE MORAN is a documentary that follows the journey of Wayne Mahon as he struggles to openly and proudly love the TRANSGENDER WOMEN he is attracted to and come out of the closet to his rough & tumble, East Coast dad. Through actual videos from the 80’s and 90’s, Wayne examines his past, present and the fateful decision that made him create a new identity in VOGUE MORAN. Brutally-honest and often quite charming, Wayne tries to carve out a new future where he is brave enough to be himself.

I promise it will be like nothing you’ve seen before. While brutally honest, and quite often funny, it’s a film about family, facing your fears and feeling you have to wear a mask in life (Vogue Moran literally wore a mask when he lived as Batman for 6 months of his life). Men who are attracted to Transgender Women is a subject yet to be explored. So many men who are attracted to transgender women can be horrible and only use the girls for sex. Vogue Moran is on a journey to stop being that kind of man (or to quote Vogue himself, “It’s the story of a douchebag, desperately trying to not be a douchebag”).

Wayne Mahon was a smaller, bullied kid who found his solace in comic books and the super heroes that lived within them.

In 1983, at 18, after many failed attempts to date girls, Wayne discovered he had an attraction to Transgender women. Feeling that no one in his small East Coast town would accept him if they knew, particularly his father, Wayne felt the only way to deal with his newfound attraction was to become someone else, so he became Vogue Moran. Vogue was Wayne’s idea of what a man should be, and furthermore, Vogue was free to be anything. Vogue Moran moved to LA to become the biggest movie star there ever was. Vogue was a three ring circus, everything with him always had to be bigger than life, and while he enjoyed some minor success, included being one of the stars of an MTV documentary, and was free to date Transgender women, he shied away from letting anyone ever really know him.

The documentary begins in 2008, after years of being Vogue Moran, left Wayne tired and alone. He wants to leave Vogue Moran behind. He wants to openly love the Transgender Women in his life and give them the respect they deserve, but he can’t do that until he goes home and “comes out of the closet” to his father.

Leaving Vogue Moran uses actual footage from the 80’s and 90’s, including the MTV footage, newspaper articles done on Vogue and the super-hero “video script” he sent to all the major films studios (and Mickey Rourke) in the 80’s. (He created a “video script” because he lacked the talent to write an actual script.) LVM also uses powerful interviews with exceptional Transgender Women and the men who date them.

Along with his best friend and a camera crew, Wayne returns home to East Haven, CT to tell his father his truth. Through hysterical and touching interviews with his family, we see how much his is loved and what his family thought of “Vogue Moran,” as well as how much his mother, brother and childhood friends and feel for Transgender women and their plight (and this is back in 2008, before the country had come to the accepting place it is now). Then comes the moment of truth, a tense and deeply emotional scene, where Wayne tells his father the truth.






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Kelli Busey
Kelli, Busey is managing editor at Planet Transgender


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