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Laverne Cox
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Laverne Cox attacked for walking incognegro while Trans: “I’m in shock”

Laverne Cox
Ever the consummate advocate Laverne Cox shared what it means to be incognegro

A visibly shaken Laverne Cox took to Instagram after a transphobic attack saying “I’m super triggered, shocked, and shaken”.

In the live video posted yesterday which already has 365,000 views, Laverne said while she not physically harmed she was shaken.

“It happened so fast”, Cox said of the attack in LA’s Griffith Park. A guy in passing aggressively asked her cisgender friend for the time, then demanded of him in regards to Laverne “Man or Woman”?

Her friend responded ‘fuck off’ and the guy immediately started hitting her friend, said Laverne. Then as quickly as it began the assailant disappeared. I’m so grateful that my friend deescalated the situation and is unharmed adding that she always makes safety her priority.

The famous star and advocate was incredulous that the transphobic attack happened at all as she was “incognegro” at the time with a mask and a hoodie on. By doing so she felt that she had some measure of security as she was indistinguishable from everyone else.

Laverne Cox closed by warning trans people how unsafe it is for us in the world.  ‘Be Safe’, she said. The man attacked us simply because I was walking while trans in public.


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