Laura Jane Grace Awarded by Glaad says that’s not what her art is about

Against me Glaad award

Laura Jane Grace posted this to instagram writing “This picture of me and @andrewrannells presenting an award tonight at the #glaad awards is kind of my favourite thing ever”

Laura Jane Grace accepted an award from Glaad but wasn’t allowed to speak. Later on instagram she had this to say…

Photo by @thespookycat . My band won an award tonight at the @glaad awards show and I’ve never won an award for anything. I didn’t get a chance to speak when accepting the award but if I did I would have said that I feel strange accepting an award for art because that’s not what art is about and while I understand the sentiment and am appreciative of it that really I WANT to thank YOU, YOU out there whoever YOU are being visible and living your life and not taking shit from anyone, letting it roll off your shoulders and carrying on day after day after day and that no voice is more important than another but that maybe together if we all speak loud enough we can create something that is truly important, change. Thank YOU!

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