Labour’s New Shadow Cabinet All Voted For Marriage Equality


Now that Jeremy Corbyn has taken over leadership of the Labour Party their has been some major reshuffling and a new shadow cabinet has been selected. As to be expected with Corbyn being a left-wing politician their is a definite left-wing bent to the new shadow cabinet, and specifically all of the 26 members of the cabinet are politicians who voted for marriage equality in 2013.

This makes the Labour Party the only party in the UK-wide political party in which every MP and peer voted for marriage equality.

Interestingly seven members of the Conservative Party voted against the bill, including Defense Secretary Michael Fallon, Culture Secretary John Wittingdale and unfortunately Education Secretary and Equalities minister Nicky Morgan.

With an Equalities Minister who voted against marriage equality this is yet another blow to the Conservative Party that the new left-wing Labour Party has delivered.

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