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Kyiv Trans March 2019 protected by police kept Criminals at bay

The Kyiv Trans March 2019 came off as planned, ringed by police they marched through the city holding Ukrainian, Pride and Trans flags high.

Unlike the first Pride Marches, the police actually protected the participants as opposed to beating them up, like they did in 2012.

In 2015 the police showed up in force squashing the nationalists as they massed on the outskirts of Kyiv where the march was regulated to for safety reasons.  Our community carried our flags high even though blood was shed and 10 were wounded.

This year the world witnessed the largest Gay Pride Parade take place in Kyiv, free of violence all Ukrainians celebrated as they should.

So it is getting better, slowly for transgender Ukrainians. But it is the same story worldwide. When the haters realize they have lost the battle against gay people they come for trans people.

This year police stood up to a much smaller contingent of less motivated thugs. They formed a secure perimeter as they marched through the city responding strongly and swiftly to incursions.

The attendees were warned on Facebook by the event organizers Insight LGBT and Trans Generation of possible violence but thankfully that didn’t happen.

Kyiv Trans March 2019
Photo Insight LGBT

No pinkwashing, please.

Some LGBT media opted for an upbeat spin, which is admirable, but by the look on the face of the actual trans attendees, the gender diverse are under siege.

Amnesty USA issued a statement demanding that Ukrainian authorities protect the trans marchers while Amnesty International did a letter writing campaign perhaps helping to change the political climate.

And you could see the strain in the eyes of the marchers who paused apprehensively at every loud noise remembering the flash and bang grenades the criminals hurled at past parades. This is clearly a part of our community that lives in uncertainty and fear.

Very few smiles. But a lot of beautiful Ukranian and trans flags held by people with looks of grim determination.

Most of the violent anti-trans criminals who gathered under their flags remained masked to preserve their anonymity much as the KKK and TERFs do.

At one point the police looked like they were the intended audience entranced by the hateful words of the speaker until they were awoken when one of the protesters was chased and carried away. The five were followed by an Orthodox preacher, one of the main provocateurs.

With the exception of a few eggs thrown from beyond the police cordon, it appears no physical harm was done. So bravo and well done. Next year will be even better.

Kelli Busey
Kelli, Busey is managing editor at Planet Transgender


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