KY Lawmaker’s bill puts a $2,500 bounty on transgender student’s heads

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State Sen. C.B. Embry bares a remarkable resemblance to one historical figure in word, stature and deed.

State Sen. C.B. Embry has declared a transgender emergency. Last Friday Embry submitted KY SB76, a bill which would in effect, encourage students to seek restitution after encountering a gender non conforming person in a school restroom. The bill would allow students to sue for $2,500, plus court costs, “for all psychological, emotional, and physical harm suffered” from the encounter.

Embry said that the bill was presented to him by the Family Foundation of Kentucky in response to Atherton high school’s trans inclusive policy

Embry told WBKO “They drafted this bill and was seeking a sponsor, and I agreed to sponsor it for them because I agree.”

Atherton the only public school in Kentucky to have a trans inclusive policy hasn’t had any problems since adopting it. The schools principal says its been a ‘non issue’. It’s also a non issue in states and localities with similar polices, ordinances and laws.

The ’emergency’ Embry has created has been manufactured to legalize paying children to hate.
Please ask yourself, is this what I want for my children?

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