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Krystal asks If she kissed a transformer before she transitioned does that make her a homeysexual?

“Its time we told our own jokes, don’t you think?” asks Marlo Bernier.

After being deluged ad nauseam with cisgender people playing problematic stereotypically oppressed trans roles the past few years the question is rhetorical. So what better way to express the true trans narrative than with comedy by a veteran of the genre?

2007 when I was faced with a choice; transition or die.  I chose to live and in so doing I knew it would be impossible to continue to keep secrets and so I pulled on my Big Girl Panties and put it all on the line, publicly, as I transitioned from male-to-female/Mark-to-Marlo.

Yes, I have lost a few friends and family along the way.  The calls to audition ceased.  I sacrificed much, but in return I gained much more,  so much more.   And amazingly once I’d stopped hiding from myself, relationships with an overwhelming majority of my family, friends and colleagues only flourished and strengthened and that has certainly never before been more evident than in seeing the quality of artisans who have graciously and enthusiastically attached themselves to Myrna.

I do very much desire for you to understand that though Myrna will tackle some pretty serious issues that it is in no way going to be a funeral dirge,  nor some sordid peek into the transsexual world,  but rather a celebration of life.

Two transsexuals and a Rabi go into a bar…….

As if to add an explanation point to the question producer Marlo Bernier asked regarding telling our own stories, a episode of ‘catfish’ appears in the ‘recomended’ videos after her promo.

My friend Darlie offered her personal insight….

“The role of Jan in Myrna was actually my partners, Beverly, who died Nov 1 2012 of stage 4 lung cancer. She loved Marlo and wanted so badly to work with her again but unfortunately she died before the the production solidified. Both of us had worked on Marlo’s play “At Least I will Own a Dress”. When the opportunity came up to do it it felt like a chance to do something for her memory.”

“Marlo is a terrific actress and a crazy creative person who had been a rock for me before and after Bevs death. Her abilities have no limits. She writes , directs, acts and knows the biz to its core. Myrna is a story she personally knows to it’s soul. It’s an ongoing thing with her own life experience and incorporates a far deeper understanding of the issues than most could write. People will have criticism of the “and then I decided to change my life and become a woman” but that was an intentional comedic mislead. It’s really time to twist up the knowledge of people who don’t fit the mold. I’m looking forward to some fun.”

They’ve nearly raised her funds but its not to late to add your name to this ground breaking effort on the Myrna Fan backed page

Shes also on Twitter,,,,,

Kelli Busey
Kelli, Busey is managing editor at Planet Transgender


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