King County Homeless Services Director Quits

Beyoncé Black St James

Some homeless advocates expressed outrage in follow up meetings.

Washington drag artist Beyoncé Black St James’ performance at King County’s annual homeless conference last week has resulted in nearly universal condemnation and the resignation of the agency director who hired her to perform.

All Home director, Kira Zylstra, resigned over the weekend in the aftermath of this disaster as reported on by RT, Breitbart and nearly every other trump/putin media mouthpiece on this green earth.

Normally empathetic media blurred St James’s chest while sharing a right-wing pundit’s video who said he got it from an anonymous ‘tipster’ from ‘inside the conference”.

Some commenters expressed support for Beyoncé Black St James for her work as a homeless advocate. But many from both the left and right condemned her being paid to ‘lap dance’ and ‘kiss attendees’ while the homeless suffer yet another brutal winter.

Beyoncé Black St James shared a short clip of the conference on her Youtube Channel.

Raw video of Beyoncé Black St James dance.

This is an opinion piece so I will have to my say.

What in the hell were you all thinking?

I’m from the deep south and would give my right eye to have just some of the liberties you all have up there. Many, including myself from the LGBT community, have been to private drag benefits and wouldn’t think twice about her routine.

That being said this was a tax-payer funded conference.

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