Kim Petras Gets Cheeky with Westboro and the ‘hoes still mad’!

Kim Petras

Transgender pop star Kim Petras posed for her admiring fans while taking a moment away from her Clarity Tour in KC Sunday. Petras hilariously clowned the Westboro Baptist picketers producing a pop moment to which multiple articles were written.

And as Kim, perhaps the youngest post-op trans pop maven prognosticated, ‘the hoes still mad’. Well, they’re still insane and they’re still the Westboro baptists. But still. It’s funny and admirable of Petras to take this (cheeky) stand.
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update. hoes still mad …

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Everyone loved Kim’s cheeky dance moves Sunday (with the possible exception of the WBC) setting off an avalanche of media posts.

Petras told ET Canada Pride’s Stephen Krajinovic this morning that she has “no problem outraging people, especially ignorant people” like the Westboro Baptist Church and is unafraid to speak up to support LGBTQ+ individuals.

Kim Petras made history as one of the youngest persons to publicly transition. A combination of hormone blockers, HRT, and gender confirmation surgery at 16 enabled Petras to present as the woman she always knew she was.

Petras amazing performance on August 16, 2018, at Build Series NYC was an earlier victory by the pop star as she has been recovering from vocal nodes.

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