Khwaja Sara Nayab Ali attacked in Islamabad Monday

Nayab Ali

Beloved advocate Nayab Ali was brutally attacked and grievously injured in Islamabad Monday. According to Reem Sharif, Punjab police victim advocate, she was attacked by two men, one of whom has since been identified.

A complaint has been registered but a FIR has not been initiated. The Tribune reports that Ali is demanding that authorities in the federal capital investigate the violent attack, accusing the police of inaction in the matter.

“We face discrimination and harassment daily and are excluded from society,” she lamented during a news briefing. A recent spell of violence against the transgender community, she said, is highly disturbing.

“Many of us are afraid to venture out [of our homes] due to fear of attacks”.

Ali urged the government to ensure the implementation of the Transgender Persons Act 2018, to prevent such incidents from taking place in the future..

According to details, Khawaja Sara Nayab Ali was staying at her home on Monday. On responding to a maid, Nayab Ali opened the door to her room. When she came out, two people attacked with knives and sickle. They tied her up and beat her for three hours, later absconding with her personal valuables.

Nayab Ali is currently in injured condition and afraid for her life. if Khwaja Sera aren’t safe in Islamabad then where can they be safe, she wonders. Just a few years ago Pakistani Khawaja Sara were summarily killed and the murderers were not caught by Islamabad police.

Nayab Ali had just been nominated for Asia’s Trans Hero award.

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