Transgender Woman Khursand Bayar Ali Running For Mayor of Lahore Pakistan

Khursand Bayar Ali
Khursand Bayar Ali
Khursand Bayar Ali / Facebook

Khursand Bayar Ali rocked the patriarchy with the announcement of her candidacy Wednesday becoming the first transgender person to run for the office of Mayor in Pakistan.  Khursand Bayar Ali who wants to govern Lahore, Pakistan based on three noble principles Dignity, Equality and Inclusion has gained the respect of Kami Sid renown model and advocate.  Khursand Bayar Ali’s conversation with Kami Sid can be read in the latest print edition of “inclusion” magazine.

Commendably Khursand Bayar Ali just turned down a partnership (think PAC money) with one of the world’s largest Venture Capitalist firms leading her to expand on her goals as mayor which she explained as:

  1.  A fairer tax system
  2.  Stricter regulations on the private sector
  3. Establishing inclusive hospitals and schools in
    partnership with the Pak-China Development Fund
  4. Setting up local accountability bodies

While there have been many notable advances in the past year for transgender Pakistanis, life is still very hard and fraught with illegal police evictions, rape as retribution for advocacy and murder.

The transgender community which weeks ago began receiving driver licenses and religious validation from The Council of Islamic Ideology, has demanded access politics arguing in court that the transgender population should be allowed to run for political office.

Khursand Bayar Ali has a Facebook campaign page with which she sent this introduction:

My name is Khursand Bayar Ali a transgender activist from Lahore. I have been working in the social sector for the last seven years particularly for my community. I am now a ccm member for the key population and board member for a community-based office Dareecha health society in Islamabad. I am also looking after it’s Lahore chapter. Moreover I am a part of UNIDO and FPCCI I am also the CEO and founder of Noutanki productions a theatre company working for the Betterment of community and Addressing the highlighted issues of the community, Lastly, I am also eager to launch my own NGO i would love to work on the issues of minorities and education through inclusion with the mainstream.

The mayor is directly-elected in municipal elections every four years alongside 9 deputy town mayors. The mayor is responsible for the administration of government services, the composition of councils and committees overseeing Lahore City District departments and serves as the chairperson for meeting of Lahore Council. The current mayor of Lahore is Mubashir Javed who ran unopposed in 2016.

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Kelli, Busey is managing editor at Planet Transgender


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