Gul Pandra, Transgender Activist Murdered in Islamabad

Gul Panra
Gul Panra
Gul Pandra (third from the left) protesting trans violence with friends asked who friends who will protect us?

Khawaja Sara Gul Pandra, a member of Trans Action Pakistan was shot and killed and a friend was wounded September 9, while returning from work. She and a group of other dancers were returning from a wedding where they had performed when gunmen opened fire striking her 6 times.

The police do not have any suspects as of yet.

Trans Action Pakistan said in a statement. “Sad to confirm the death of our friend Gul Pandra. Who was also Guru of our board member Mahi. She is shot dead 6 times in Palosi area of Peahwar.”

Gul Pandra had told friends over lunch that she feared for her life. The next day she was killed in cold blood.

While we mourn the murder of our sister let it be known. This will not stand. There will be justice for Gul Pandra.


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Kelli, Busey is managing editor at Planet Transgender


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