Kevin Beckner for Hillsborough County Commission

This Quality political candidate in Florida’s Hillsboro County Commission race has been endorsed by the St. Petersburg Times;

Democrats, District 6

“There’s not a dime’s worth of difference among the three candidates in this race on issues of policy or priorities. All recognize the need to better manage growth, invest in mass transit, protect environmental lands and attract more high-quality jobs. Kevin Beckner, though, better articulates how these policies could improve the area’s quality of life, and his communication skills could help bridge the partisan divide and move the county forward.”

“Beckner, a 37-year-old financial planner, has a command of local issues for a first-time candidate who has lived in the region barely a decade. He can be overly cautious to commit. But his deeper understanding of the roots to the county’s development, housing and transportation problems give him ammunition to push the right agenda. His broad community service gives him an ability to connect with people at a retail level.”

The political climate in Florida can have a major impact on our country. Just look who we have had for president these past 4 years. We can make a difference by putting the word out about Kevin Beckner.

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