Kentucky Senator files gay adoption ban in the Kentucky Senate


Kentucky Senator files gay adoption ban in the Kentucky Senate

Found on United We Stand (Official blog of Kentucky Equality Federation)

“Kentucky Equality Federation has collected over 500 signatures to oppose Senate Bill 68! This is in addition to the signatures Kentucky Fairness Alliance has collected!”

“Please continue to sign the action alert to oppose Senate Bill 68. Our children are not political pawns!”

“This is not only a gay adoption ban, but it would also prevent unmarried heterosexual couples from serving as foster parent or adopting children if they are not in a ‘marriage that is legally valid in Kentucky.”

The bill reads: “Create a new section of KRS Chapter 199 to prohibit the approval of foster care, relative caregiver services, or adoption of a child by an applicant who is cohabiting with a sexual partner outside of a marriage that is legally valid in Kentucky; create the short title “The Child Welfare Adoption Act”; exempt children placed for adoption prior to the effective date of this Act; amend KRS 199.470 to conform.”

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