Transgender High school Students Forced To Wear Arm Bands

This gay triangle is for sale HERE. The inverted triangle, commonly referred to as the gay marker, was for people branded as political enemies.

THE KENOSHA UNIFIED SCHOOL DISTRICT is currently forcing Ash Whitaker and other transgender students to wear badges of shame the same as the Nazis did in an effort to humiliate and endanger LGBT lives.

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The Daily Beasts reports that a federal Title IX lawsuit filed in Wisconsin on Tuesday alleges that the Kenosha Unified School District instructed guidance counselors to have Ash Whitaker, a 16-year old transgender boy, and “any other transgender students at the school” wear “bright green wristbands” so that the school could “more easily monitor and enforce [their] restroom usage.”

The Transgender Law Center has filed a lawsuit on behalf of Ash Whitaker and his mother which reads in part:

(Whitaker had been using the boys room uneventfully for seven months when he was denied) access to boys’ restrooms at school and requiring him to use girls’ restrooms or a single occupancy
restroom; (b) directing school staff to monitor his restroom usage and to report to
administrators if he was observed using a boys’ restroom; (c) intentionally and repeatedly using
his birth name and female pronouns, and failing to appropriately inform substitute teachers and
other staff members of his preferred name and pronouns, resulting in those staff referring to him
by his birth name or with female pronouns in front of other students; (d) instructing guidance
counselors to issue bright green wristbands to A.W. and any other transgender students at the
school, to more easily monitor and enforce these students’ restroom usage; (e) requiring him to
room with girls on an orchestra trip to Europe and requiring, as a condition of his ability to
participate in a recent overnight school-sponsored orchestra camp held on a college campus, that
he stay either in a multi-room suite with girls, or alone in a multi-room suite with no other
students, while all other boys shared multi-room suites with other boys; and (f) initially denying
him the ability to run for junior prom king, despite being nominated for that recognition based on
his active involvement in community service, instructing him that he could only run for prom
queen, and only relenting and allowing him to run for prom king after a protest by many of those
same classmates/

THE KENOSHA UNIFIED SCHOOL DISTRICT denied all of the complainants allegations…

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Kelli, Busey is managing editor at Planet Transgender


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  2. Gail the above comment is not spam. It is, but it isn’t. This person has been following me and some of my comments for a while now and the matter is in relation to something which I cannot write here. However there is always a consistent theme, which is an “accident” implying violence.

    I’ve been keeping records of this for ages now. The matter really needs to be reported to the police. The good ones though, the one’s will actually do something and not just dismiss it as crap because they have a revenue targ… oops I meant a budget to meet. Respondents should choose carefully 😉

  3. Hi it’s Kelli editor at ptg. Stopping spammers is like wack a mole. I can ban a ip address and 5 sec later they’re sending from a different one. We do our best.

  4. how do we report spam here? this post about insurance is not only incoherent, it’s egregious spam, but i cannot find a way to report it.


  5. This is an incredible story. This is so real to me it’s inspired me to immediately collate other examples and to put it all together in a meaningful way. I’ll be doing a presentation at school in the coming days. I thought my fellow peers would be interested to better understand the full picture of what’s been going on. I figured if could at least present some of the information I could complete the rest in stages.

  6. If the threat is children having sex in the bathroom, I assure you they already do that. If the threat to the child is rape, I assure you separating a transgendered child from others of their identified gender (in this case, males), is not going to save the child from being raped. If the fear is bullying, forcefully separating a child from their peers will only increase it. You are setting the child aside, and like lemmings, children sense that and will use it against the very child you intend to protect. They are _different_, so because they are _different_, they are easier to dehumanize and antagonize.

    Only education and addressing one’s own fears can stay the violence. It’s not going to happen with a wrist band, it’s not going to happen via forceful segregation, it’s not going to happen with ignorant policies, and it’s definitely not going to happen via an administration that buries its head in the sand. Only knowledge, acceptance, and understanding will bring this world peace and happiness.

    Labeling children and adults limits their ability to work together in collaboration. It creates divisions and wedges where fear can fester, and fear is a terrible motivator – especially when it induces hysteria. And fear-mongering always induces hysteria.

    We should trust the children – all of them, no matter gender or sexual orientation – to self-correct. We are not in The Lord of the Flies, we have adults here to reign them in. We have a legal system to keep people true to liberty. The best thing you can do for this young boy is to allow him to *be* a young boy. Do we not believe that at least one of the children would speak up if anything untoward was happening to anyone? Add that to the itinerary.

  7. Muito legal essa idéia de homenagiar a cidade. Conheço São Bento pois tenho primos aí, todo ano ia passar fÃoiaas.Ad©rirra morar em São Bento, se tiver emprego de corretor de imóveis vou imediatamente, senão qdo me aposentar quem sabe…Um sonho de Cidade…

  8. I grew up having breakfast and dinner at the table. My Father, even though he worked crazy hours, came home for dinner and went back to the office. He never missed brsekfaat. My husband and I make a point of breakfast and dinner. I make a couple of dishes and put them in the middle of the table. Our little man picks what he wants, and now chats with us. He never lasts more than 7 minutes, but at least he knows he has to sit and eat.

  9. yes i read it, but after hearing an interview with the founder, i give a little less credence to snopes. he said all they do is search the internet for confirmation etc, nothing more. so generally it might be good still, but this being new (which is why it is undetermined) and the fact they probably dont have access to the court documents, just “reports”, i will wait to see. personally i am more willing to believe ash and company than the school who already had a fight to allow him to run for prom king, and if so many students are supporting him, are they doing it just on his and the other trans kids word, or did THEY see/hear something as well?

  10. we don’t know how much of what has been reported is true. we DO know that the allegations seem serious and we alas also know that some (not most, yay!) of the reactions here show ignorance and bigotry regarding both the trans community and, as a side issue that might not be so far to the side after november, trump’s stand or lack thereof, and the gop’s horrible stand, on lgbt issues. the school is denying the whole wristband aspect. i don’t have enough information to say whether they’re lying or telling the truth, but the matter is shocking enough as it is. this article reports almost exclusively fairly, talking about allegations rather than reporting disputed issues as fact. that’s good.


  11. I agree with these folks that GENDER and SEXUALITY ARE 2 DIFFERENT TOTALLY UNRELATED HUMAN DIRECTIVES. They are in fact TWO completely different subjects that all people who DO NOT understand TRANSGENDER OR EVEN GENDER CONFUSION in its fullest connotations. It is true in places like sweden or norway that do not have such strict definitions of what gender roles are that there are people who are not going to even make a decision about gender ever. They are both female and male. The idea of duality in its fullest flower. Every last human being is both GOOD AND BAD..LIGHT AND DARK.. MALE AND FEMALE.. There is yin and yang in almost every instance of all ideas..objects..things..people… GOD himself.. Or rather maybe herself (for who has seen Gods face and come back to tell us) made every last person in their OWN IMAGE. That seems about as simple as it gets. That and JUDGE NOT LEST YE BE JUDGED.
    Any person who cannot gather these simple facts together and come instantly to the realization that another persons..whether it be a child a teen or an adults gender is NOT YOUR BUSINESS nor anything you should be concerning yourself with thinking about ..for your path is NOT THEIRS. Well i just cant even understand it is a topic of discussion.. A topic of interest..a topic that you feel able and right to insert yourself into literally blows my mind.
    Boom??drop the mike?

  12. you are contradicting yourself, many times. not surprising if you support these outrageous measures SHE is enforcing.

    1. sex and gender are TWO different things. they ARE being the gender they were at birth, which is CONTRARY to the sex they were assumed to be at birth.

    2. yeah, no school kids ever learned anything about their identities, sexuality, etc at school EVER. sorry but it IS the place for ALL to learn about a variation in the normal spectrum of human life, just because you and Ms Merritt disagree has no bearing on things, the law says YOU ARE WRONG.

    3. its not “experimenting” it is trying to be WHO THEY REALLY are not the puppets society NEEDS them to be, so you can feel “comfortable”. a lot of southerners said the same thing in the 50-60’s, similar situation, different topic

  13. This isn’t a question of sexuality…it’s a question of GENDER. They are totally different issues. Thinking that they’re the same is a big part of the problem. And this isn’t about ANYONE ELSE but him.

    Saying that school isn’t the place to struggle with gender identity is absurd. He didn’t ask to be trans and it takes a huge amount of courage to come out. It’s just who he is…and he should have the right to his education just like all the gay and cis gender kids do.

    I just wish that people would drop the crazy fear about the restroom. Since when does it matter who’s in the stall next to you?

  14. The arm bands are a horrific thing.. Get rid of them. Kids especially in adolescents go through many changes. I think the trans bathroom thing is a mistake. Pretty simple boys pee with boys girls pee with girls. Period. Kids are confused about many things but to keep things from getting out of hand while in school you need to be the gender you were born with. If you are struggling with that do it outside of school. It’s not the place. School is a place to learn. Your sexuality is not part of the learning environment. Those of you attacking Ms. Merritt seem to have no tolerance for another opinion. Is that how to make a point? Is that open and caring because she sees things differently? I just dont think school is the place to be experimenting with your gender. Or messing with other people who don’t have the same belief system.

  15. The teachers and counselors are the ones enforcing the policy. Maybe it is just this school not the district. So they are NOT protesting at all

  16. Additionally, the bathroom thing is, as always, ridiculous. The room sharing thing should have been easily resolved by simple discussion. They needn’t have simply said “No way! Room with girls or by yourself!” I’m guessing they’d have found other guys at the camp happy to room with Ash.
    And as I mentioned before, we need to be happy that we’re even having this discussion. It wouldn’t have even been talked about a short decade ago.
    Thanks to Ash and all the other kids with the courage to challenge the statistical “norm”

  17. Here is deal; if this school accepts federal money they are obligated to provide a safe and indiscrimatory education to all its students. All it takes to enforce this is for one student or one parent to file a lawsuit. In every similar case, where lawsuits have been filed, the student has won. Know your rights and enforce them!

  18. This is a growth process for all involved. I lived through the battle for gay rights in the sixties and seventies up to today. We rejoiced in the smallest victories while always recognizing the need for more changes.
    That said, the school relented and let Ash run for prom king. Why then is it still an issue?
    I learned to assess both sides of an issue. The school board denies any use of arm bands. That should be easy enough to prove, just show us the bands and shut them down.
    I’m suggesting that real progress for all can’t be achieved by half truths or bringing up resolved issues.

  19. Where are the teachers? Where are the scissors? Where are the guidance councilors who would put them on? My God! A protest like this would make me very proud of those in this school system who would do the right thing.

  20. the Transgender law center i believe is involved according to the article, but not the ACLU at this point

  21. I hope that all the individuals required to wear these armbands and their parents have already contacted the ACLU and started a lawsuit against this school district!

  22. Sad but true if you dont learn from History you will be doomed to repeat it i hope his family truly understand his struggle its one that unless your trans you will never get it 100%

  23. that is a good idea, except it appears it might just be this one school, if district officials are to be believed, but it WOULD be a powerful statement if all the kids did to show support.

  24. All the students in the district should get the arm bands and wear them in protest. They can’t single anyone out if they are all wearing them.

  25. what the heck are you talking about. Cross dressers and transsexuals ARE the trans lobby. and what the heck is there ANYWHERE in this article about them being “sexually motivated”. are you even replying to the right article


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