TX AG Ken Paxton accepts dinner offer with Denton transgender child

Ken Paxton

Ken Paxton

Ken Paxton who’s political mission is to murder transgender children says he will meet with one of those students, eight-year-old MG and his mom for dinner.

The olive branch was offered by momma bear Amber Briggle of Denton Texas who says the invitation comes from the heart and without a planned agenda. Despite Paxton having led the war against transgender people specifically, her Texas son Mrs. Briggle hopes that he’ll have a change of heart after getting to know her son.

At first take, that sounds highly improbable, but then again we can hope for a miracle. We are Texans after all and aren’t we known for the goodness of our hearts?

Ken Paxton

Paxton spokesman Marc Rylander on Tuesday said his office is “already planning to reach out to this family.”

“He is absolutely willing,” Rylander said. “I assure you he wouldn’t have gone on television and said he was going to meet with them if he wasn’t going to do that.”

Mrs. Briggle her transgender son MG and Paxton have a lot to talk about. Here’re some of lowlife Paxton’s recent highlights

Amber Briggle has every right to be terrified. If Paxton has his way her son will be presented with every single leading reason that young people drop out of school, use drugs and lose hope. As a long time journalist I can attest that this denial of the most basic of needs all to often leads to trans youth doing survival sex and the inevitable violence that often takes their lives.

As a transgender marathoner who ran a race in your hometown of Denton this summer Amber I find Paxton dispicable on every level. Your son has every right to attend school, feel the joy of competition, success in the workplace and and the satisfaction of having a happy home.

In the event that this man actually came to your home Mrs. Briggle, what could the conversation possibly be about? I would love to be a fly in the wall but I know I wouldn’t be able to stand it. In any case our whole community wishes you the best and are proud to call you the fearless Momma Bear.

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Kelli, Busey is managing editor at Planet Transgender


  1. Thank you for writing about Amber and MG. Their offer of dinner and conversation is wonderful and a true reflection of the goodness they are coming from in breaking bread with Paxton. I love it when Transpeople and parents of Transkids act as instruments of peace to make things better. My be is that no matter how strong he thinks he is going in Amber and MG win in the court of public opinion They offered to meet the Texas Attorney General, he didn’t offer to meet them.

    He may be doing this for the wrong reasons (in his mind), but Momma Bear will win the hearts and minds of a lot of people not sitting at her dinner table. I have a sibling in Garland who hasn’t spoken to or even looked at me since my transition… Go Amber, Go!


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