Ken Paxton I’m a Trans Texan and You’re killing Me

Ken Paxton

Ken Paxton

Has Ken Paxton Texas’s highest ranking law enforcement officer desperate for at least one incident to cite in court instructed officers to peek in restrooms?

Texas AG Ken Paxton told the media that he’s leading the fight against transgender people for ‘safety reasons’, stipulating that we are amongst societies most reviled, child predators.

Regarding the Texas led lawsuit challenging the Federal Administration guidelines on transgender students, Paxton said the political stunt was a matter of safety.

This opens the door for all kinds of issues with men deciding one day that they want to be women and switching back the next day.

But wait, true to form as a bigot Paxton claims that he’s the victim while responding to an indictment against him for of all things, fraud.
Last year, a separate grand jury indicted the Republican on two counts of securities fraud.

“And there are those folks who are mad that I’m a conservative Christian, and made no bones about it,” he says in the video. “I’m here to tell you, I’m not going anywhere.”

Does Paxton know that Texas has transgender law enforcement officers? How about Lawyers, Christians, school administrators, mom, and dads.

At his press press conference, Paxton refused to answer if transgender children actually exist, would not state that they deserve protection, and did not know if transgender people commit sexual assaults at rates higher than non-trans people. He also would not say how many complaints he has received from parents, and admitted he met with zero parents of transgender students and zero transgender students before filing his lawsuit.

Does Paxton care that his statements have directly negatively affected my life? I’ve seen three instances of discrimination at work in the past month. My managers have stepped up to make sure my workplace is welcoming and safe for me. But they can’t stop those who feel empowered by your hateful rhetoric from physically attacking me.

While walking down an aisle in Walmart yesterday I couldn’t but help notice the hateful stare from a large man undoubtedly trying to discern for himself if I was someone he could get away with killing,

In my opinion, Ken Paxton understands this all too well. Paxton is using my life for his political advantage villainizing me to draw attention away from the criminal cases against him.

Ken Paxton will most likely never read this. It’s like spitting into the wind and preaching to the choir but here it is.

There has never been a single case in all of the states, cities and counties with transgender-inclusive laws of a transgender person using those laws to commit a crime in the bathroom.

There has never been a single instance in Texas of a transgender person changing their gender in order to gain access to the opposite sex bathroom for some nefarious purpose. I have lived in peace all these years, gradually gaining acceptance, becoming a productive law-abiding Texan. Why all of this HATE now?

The federal government has recognized that disenfranchised black transgender children drop out of school at the highest rate of all Americans. The administration’s directive is a step in the right direction to keep those children in school and stem the ensuing unemployment, drug abuse, homelessness, and the inevitable violence. This has been the fate of so many of my people after being rejected by authority figures from the ill-informed school guidance counselor all the way to the Attorneys Generals office.

Ken Paxton, you will have your day in court to prove your innocence. But in the meantime, if you are truly concerned about ALL of the Texans you have been entrusted to protect, would you PLEASE stop trying to kill us.

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Kelli, Busey is managing editor at Planet Transgender


  1. Why all this hate now? Simple: in January – pre HB2 – the GOP sent out a resolution instructing their legislators to create as many anti-trans laws as possible before November. Their intent was to manufacture another “gay marriage” [sic] issue in order to raise donations and they hoped, get more conservatives to the polls on 11/2. It really is that simple. They intend to rile up their base against trans kids and adults in order to win.


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