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Kate Brown to be first ever bisexual Governor Wednesday as John Kitzhaber resigns

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Oregon Secretary of State Kate Brown will become the first openly bisexual governor when she succeeds Kitzhaber who’s resigning amid a scandal.

Kitzhaber has been under investigation after it came to light that his wife may have received a quarter of a million dollars in unclaimed income while being tasked in a state volunteer position.

However, all is not well in out bisexual land. Brown has some serious skeletons in her closet.

You can read about Browns alleged KICKBACKS from Comcast at the Washington post if you have the patience get past the COMCAST AD CLAIMING THE COMPANY SUPPORTS NET Neutrality. When this author tried to access the WP article an ad from Comcast obscured it and changed sizes for several moments making X-ing it out impossible.

Comcast only cares about raping the internet for every dollar it can and is fighting Net Neutrality like only a trillion dollar corporation could with lies as Time so eloquently points out.

WTF Washington Post? Are you allowing that ad to make a point about Comcast or is it just about the cash?

From the Washing Post article….

But Brown isn’t without her own controversy. Even as Kitzhaber’s personal troubles were mounting late last month, she was facing questions about having written to the FCC endorsing Comcast’s merger with Time Warner Cable after having received campaign contributions from Comcast — a letter that was reportedly written in large part by a Comcast lobbyist. Comcast has given Brown $9,500 since 2009, according the National Institute of Money in State Politics.

Expect that to come up when she succeeds Kitzhaber.

Kelli Busey
Kelli, Busey is managing editor at Planet Transgender


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