KARMA is Biting NC HB2 Bigots in the BUTT and why we can’t celebrate that



Funny thing KARMA. You can do whatever you feel. But when someone is inherently evil and acts on those ill wishes they invariably get a return visit from KARMA. The same applies to those wronged by the evil doers. It makes no difference to Karma who was wronged ‘first’, if you look at events in the order of a ‘timeline’.

This is one of the reasons our community has come to be known and respected. Our agenda, in essence, is nothing more that a request to live in peace. Love is love is love.

I never felt my love for our fellow humans more threatened than when NC Gov. Pat McCrory haughtily, tauntingly announced his signing of HB2.

My faith restored.

Then the very next day five amazing LGBT people chained themselves together in front of Gov. McCory’s mansion and were carried off by police to the chant of hundreds ‘We are the collective, I Beleive We Will WIN’

Suddenly I felt a surge of optimism. I know from experience what a few protesters with a boom box can do.

Then a mighty collective of the very best legal minds filed a lawsuit against the McCrory over HB2 the very next day. But the ensuing good feeling was was overshadowed by a smirking Gov who said he was looking forward to a local basketball team playing in Houston (a city in my state which repealed an LGBT human rights law by popular vote the preceding year).


Watch and Share With Family & Friends!Trans Activists Jessica Taylor debates Peter Sprigg of the Family Research Council about the recent anti-transgender legislation in North Carolina.

Posted by Trans Narratives on Wednesday, March 30, 2016

But then came the ground-swell of support. The first I remember was a group of interior decorators cancelling their Charolett convention. Then in a tsunami of support Governors of major cities across the USA starting with San Fransisco began issuing state travel and spending bans on North Carolina.

Next came news that Cuyahoga County, which encompasses my birth city of Cleveland became the first county to join the travel ban. Of everything that has been said, and most importantly done, this truly validates my humanity. I have personally attended city council meeting where staunch republicans have voted in Trans protections because in their words ‘it’s the right thing to do’.

I know everyone is saying the ban enacted by the Governors only applies to state employees, but here is where KARMA kicks in. When McCrory first defended HB2 he suggested that it wasn’t that bad because it only applied to state-owned buildings. He made a point to say it didn’t directly apply to private businesses (now aware of the backlash) but it wasn’t hard to see that he knew that many haters would see it as tacit permission to discriminate.

Who wouldn’t consider travel to North Carolina differently now knowing that your human dignity might be publicly humiliatingly questioned now? Karma bites.

McCrory tries to paint the response as that of ‘liberal America’.

The leaders of America regardless of their political affiliation have spoken and taken action to stop the spread of this vile Jim Crow era law.

Tough love

But we mustn’t take joy in this. We must show the good people of North Carolina that we understand and care about them personally. But until HB2 is repealed or removed by a court of law we stand firm with our  allies.

I Know We Will WIN!

When this happens we will welcome all North Carolinians, yes even McCrory, as sisters and brothers as fellow hichhikers on this tsunami of love.

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Kelli, Busey is managing editor at Planet Transgender


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