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Kansas Gov. Brownback declares “open season” on “out” LGBT state employees

Gov. Brownback

Gov. Brownback declares “open season” on “out” LGBT state employees says Equality Kansas.

State workers are no longer protected based on their sexual orientation or gender identity following an executive order by Gov. Sam Brownback on Tuesday.

Gov. Brownback declares “open season” on “out” LGBT state employees by rescinding protections says Equality Kansas.

“This action by the Governor is an outrage. Gay, lesbian, and transgender state employees across Kansas have trusted they would be safe from discrimination and harassment in their workplace but Sam Brownback has, by erasing their job protections, declared “open season” on every one of them.”

“If you work for the state, and have felt comfortable being “out” at work knowing you had protection from bigotry, that protection is gone.”

Topeka human relations commissioner Stephanie Mott explained to the Planet how this might affect transgender people specifically in regards to public accommodations.

“I am not aware of any regulations that were written regarding implementation of the Sebelius order. From what I have heard from transgender employees affected by this, they have been treated respectfully and accommodations have been made with respect to their employment.”

“As you well know, transgender employees are outed by our own physical transitions. It isn’t possible to embrace your authentic self without your employer knowing that you are trans.”

Over 700 people have signed up for Saturdays Stand Up for Love: Protest Executive Order to Discriminate at the state capitol.

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  1. I am a part of the LGBT community. Until this year I’ve been a supporter of the Republican Party. Too many members of the GOP have been trying to undermine our rights and denying us our protection rights. This move by the governor proves him to be nothing more than a bigot using the power of his office to discriminate against a group of people. One can only hope he’s voted out in the next election.


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