No Justice for Trans woman Jaylow Mcglory her Killer walks Free

Jaylow Mcglory
Justice for Jaylow Mcglory, her mother and sister
Jaylow Mcglory
Justice for Jaylow Mcglory, her mother, and sister

Jaylow Mcglory, a Black transgender woman, was killed on August 4, 2017, in Alexandria La by her partner Desmond Donte Harris. The trial was a mockery of justice. Desmond Donte Harris literally got away with his second murder.

But until today Jaylow Mcglory was not included in the 18th International Transgender Day of Remember list due to misgendering and deadnaming by police and the media. This resulted in her not being publicly identified as a transgender woman until November 1, 2017 by the New York City Anti-Violence Project after the 2017 TDoR reporting period ended.

The administrators of the TDoR list told PTG that at the time they were relatively new to this process, but ensure us that “they are much better at it now.”

Yea, Indeed we are,


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Trigger warning

Local media never stopped misgendering trans women Jaylow Mcglory from the day she was killed in cold blood to the day Desmond Donte Harris was acquitted. Harris who was initially charged with murder is the First degree was the only witness the defense called to testify. Harris was found not guilty by a jury of second-degree murder in 2019 by using a version of the reviled and discredited trans panic defense.

Mcglory, a transgender woman, and Harris, a cisgender male been involved in a sexual relationship for about six months, but Harris testified that they got into an argument in their Monroe Street duplex on Aug. 4, 2017, because McGlory insisted on penetrating him.

Throughout their relationship, it always had been the other way around, he said.

“I told him (sic) I don’t get down like that,” Harris told Cortello.

Harris and McGlory had just moved into a duplex on Monroe Street about a week before the shooting took place, according to the landlord at the property, as well as a neighbor. That neighbor, Latasha Forte, said in just a brief amount of time, she frequently heard the two arguing.

During the day of the shooting, Forte told the court that she heard Harris and McGlory arguing and then heard “two pops” and didn’t think anything of it at first, that’s until a bloody McGlory showed up to her door telling her to call the police. McGlory, who never identified the shooter, died before first responders could get there.

Detectives with the Alexandria Police Department told the court that they recovered two bullets, as McGlory was shot two times, and three bullet casings. A weapon was never found. Shortly before the shooting, Harris placed a call to his landlord, upset, and told her, “He said I want her to leave. I wasn’t sure who ‘her’ was. I said the best course of action was to call the police.”

After the shooting, investigators “pinged” Harris’s cellphone and tracked him down to his sister’s home on Irish Lane where was hiding in a closet. He requested an attorney immediately and never spoke to the police.

On the second and final day of testimonyHarris testified that he had walked out of a bathroom to find McGlory with a gun. He said the two fought over it, that it fired three times — hitting McGlory twice — and then he ran away.

Prosecutors asked Harris about the jail conversation that inmate Brandon Wade Clark had testified about for the prosecution on Wednesday. Clark said Harris had confessed during a conversation with him and other inmates to using McGlory for money and sex and shooting him.

Harris then said Mcglory had the gun in her possession as they struggled but laid it down next to him when she was fatally wounded. The gun has never been recovered.

Harris was previously arrested by the Alexandria Police Department in 2015 on an attempted first-degree murder charge, which later was reduced to attempted second-degree murder, for allegedly shooting a man in the chest on Chester Street.

The delinquency charges stemmed from an earlier 2015 case in which two juveniles were charged as adults in the death of a man whose body was found in City Park. Harris was indicted on eight felony counts, but five of those were dropped.

Harris has pleaded guilty to other charges and still faces other unrelated charges, according to Rapides Parish Clerk of Court online records.

In 2008 a young woman in Greeley Colorado was murdered. Her name was Angie Zapata. The man who murdered her Allen Ray Andrade used the transpanic defense. The difference is that the Police and media were respectful of Angie Zapata’s gender and name. And Andrade did not get away with murder.

Trigger warning.

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