Man charged with hate crime for the murder of trans woman Casey Haggard

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July 2015 KarenAdell Scot stood by the memorial of her friend and has been standing by her ever since.
“This is where Casey Haggard was violently murdered just for being her true, authentic self. Scot wrote “The dark is her blood still here. We remember you Casey.”

Justice is finally being served for the horrific throat-slashing murder of transgender woman Casey Haggard. Originally Fresno police felt the murder caught on video was a random act of violence. But thanks to a local advocate’s persistence 38-year-old Richard Lopez has been charged with the slaying as a hate crime.

“This was a premeditated hate crime says KarenAdell Scot”, founder of TransCare. Scot told KMPF July 2015, “It was premeditated, and it was thought out. They had the knife ready. They baited the person to the vehicle and they followed through with tremendous precision on the strike.

“Over a year ago the FPD and FBI were operating under a false premise that “the driver” somehow performed a miracle of stretching a left arm 5’ to stab Casey Haggard from the driver’s seat, all while miraculously keeping a foot on the brake pedal.” wrote KarenAdell Scot.
“Meeting with the FBI’s lead investigator, I demonstrated it had to be a passenger who killed Casey.
I am very hopeful it was my investigative input that helped with a correction of the investigation leading to the arrest today of a PASSENGER.”
“I am thankful for the final outcome and now pray for conviction.”

Bakersfield Trans woman Jasmine Sierra murder unknown due to deadnaming

“Bakersfield PD, are you listening? Please solve the murder of JASMINE SIERRA, a transgender woman murdered in Bakersfield.” Said Scot.

Trigger Warning. Misgendering and lack of understanding of transgender people by police.

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2 Responses to Man charged with hate crime for the murder of trans woman Casey Haggard

  1. Summer Knuday February 6, 2018 at 11:22 pm

    Karen Adell Scot is a true friend and sister beyond the all definitions of what a true friend is. The act of love she has done exemplifies the kind of love we need to do for each other in the trans community, regardless of race, creed or anything else.
    Hopefull the evil clown that stole Casey Haggards life will rot away in some dark prison. He should feel right at home with other evil rotters like him.
    Oh, and Karen… Your absolutly right on mark by calling attention to the Bakersfield P.D. I know from first hand experience having been attacked myself in Bak. Its the 2nd most trans hating city in California behind Bisbane. Bak P.D and Sheriff will often look the other way and often not even report trans violence.

  2. stailuan February 14, 2018 at 2:38 am

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