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Judge overrules parents: Trans woman Christine Kitzler to have surgery

Christine Kitzler
Christine Kitzler

Any child’s worst nightmare, parents belief system so ingrained with transphobia that they follow you to the operating table stopping your sexual reassignment surgery. But This wasn’t a child that this happened to. 48 eight-year-old Christine Kitzler received a court-ordered stay while on at a pre-surgery appoint learning at the operating table that her parents had halted the procedure.

Her parents argued that Christine wasn’t competent to make this life-affirming decision. Christine’s attorney argued that it wasn’t a matter of competency but transphobia. The judge agreed and lifted the temporary stay.

Bangor Daily News reports that the real issue was the particular nature of the surgery, rather than competency, according to her lawyer Angela Giampolo.

But on Wednesday the judge threw out the petition, rejecting their arguments about incompetence, Giampolo said.

The surgery will take place soon, Giampolo said.

Kitzler’s father in court referred to Christine as “my son” and “he,” said Giampolo, who noted she raised legal objections to the language in court.

“She had been called ‘that person over there,’ ‘him’ or ‘my son’ by her parents repeatedly,” Giampolo said.

Kelli Busey
Kelli, Busey is managing editor at Planet Transgender



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