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JR.’s Bar and Grill Dallas fires and apologizes for transphobic manager

JR.'s Bar and Grill
JR.’s Bar and Grill’  former security guard assaulted Blair Jirousek after acknowledging that she was on public property.

The manager of JR.’s Bar and Grill a well known Dallas gay night club was fired for a transphobic incident in which a transgender woman and her cisgender friends were discriminated against. The Bar then offered a letter of apology but hasn’t shared it and scrubbed facebook posts by others of the incident. In light of a racist incident in 2017 which also went largely unnoticed, the community is mulling a Crews Inn 2.0 protest.

Daniel Heredia was with Blair Jirousek and gave a personal account of the incident on Facebook:

“With a heavy heart, it pains me to say that I will never be returning to Jrs Bar And Grill on cedar springs. Last night my transgender friend Blair Jirousek experienced a hate crime the first night she was in town from New York. We came to JR’s on a Tuesday to support some of the local queens we are both very familiar and friendly with. I walked in with Jose and Blair and Blair walked over to the front bar to order herself a drink. Right away the bartender (also the manager) CARTER asked for all three of our ID’s, which is the law so I do not fault him for that. However, when we all pulled out our ID’s he didn’t even bother to look at Jose’s or mine but instead grabbed Blair’s and studied it doing the most, HANDING IT BACK, and saying he wouldn’t serve us. He wouldn’t serve any of us. When we asked for an explanation he wouldn’t give us one. He wouldn’t even bother talking to us or explaining. Nothing. Blair is 23. Her ID is real but has her boy name on it since she has not been able to legally change it yet. All of her cards have the same name on it. Everything in her wallet points to her being a real person. We tried explaining that and CARTER had no interest in even trying to listen. It all felt like it stemmed from transphobia. He wouldn’t look at Blair or even treat her like a person.”

JR.'s Bar and Grill
Blair Jirousek / Facebook profile

“Now we could have made it a bigger deal but instead, we decided we’d just get a drink somewhere else and show some support for our friends and watch the drag show for a little bit.”

“About 15/20 minutes after watching the show one of my friends walks in, says hello, and goes to the bar. He goes to a different bartender (not even knowing the incident that just occurred) and orders a drink. Mid-pour CARTER walks over to him and says “I’m not going to serve you because you’re friends with her.”

The systemic transphobic culture and toxic masculinity of JR.’s Bar and Grill, long acknowledged by the local trans community manifested in violence against a transgender woman and her cisgender friends.

Again MY friend had no idea what had happened much less even knew Blair. Then CARTER proceeds to call security over to escort us out when we had just been MINDING OUR OWN BUSINESS. The security guard M. LOZANO came over and also would not give us a single reason as to why we were getting kicked out. We told him we thought it had to do with Blair’s ID and gave it to verify that it was not a fake. After he studied it thoroughly his reaction changed because he knew it was real but his exact words were “the manager said you HAD to leave” again not because of a fake ID but because of…? What?”

“The way the security guard M. LOZANO handled the situation was also very unprofessional. There are several times he puts his hands on Blair even shoving her so far she fell to the ground. M. LOZANO wrongfully treats Blair and puts his hands on her several times saying she was in his “bubble”.
Afterwords Blair decided to call the cops to prove a point and when they showed up we told them everything that had just happened, the cop checked her ID AND VERIFIED THAT IT WAS REAL. then CARTER comes back outside and DEMANDED the cops give her a “criminal trespassing ticket” which is a felony.”

“The cops thankfully wouldn’t because his accusations against her were false but they said if we ever walk into JR’s in the future they would have no choice but to arrest us. They said in Texas it is legal for a manager of an establishment to REFUSE SERVICE FOR ANY REASON. the cops even said THERE DID NOT HAVE TO BE A REASON, If they want you out that is their “right.”
Transphobia is not okay. This is pride month and we should be accepting of all genders and sexual preferences, uplifting our community not tearing it down. It’s sad that a place i have grown to love and appreciate is supporting people that have nothing better to do with their time than hate.”

As reported on by local media:

Kelli Busey
Kelli, Busey is managing editor at Planet Transgender


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