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Texas House Speaker Joe Straus Won’t Seek Reelection

Joe Straus

Joe Straus, the San Antonio Republican who nixed Dan Patrick’s bathroom bill said today that he won’t be seeking reelection. Texas, this gorgeous brown dusty bowl of prairie dirt will never be the same.

It’s just dirt. But it’s also been a place to make a living, get a new start and live life big.

Texas. I am crying for you. For me. For what we were and for what the “freedom Caucus” baptist fascists who have seized control of her government will do.

But in the end, it’s just dirt. So we’ll pack our bags once again and move on to a state where the government isn’t possessed with vile, evil hatred.

It is just dirt but damn. Damn it all. I loved this dirt.

A lot of people thought I was jumping the gun when I wrote last August that as long as House Speaker Joe Straus was alive, the Bathroom Bill was dead. I meant as long as Staus was politically alive we had hope. As long as Joe Straus was politically viable the extremists bent on killing us had to moderate their legislation hoping to get it past the House

I had testified along with over a thousand others at two different bathroom bill hearings. It became very clear to me this wasn’t a legislative body unanimously concerned about the welfare of Texans. Joe Straus, a soft-spoken moderate ‘business Republican’ had become our saving grace.

“Don’t do it until you can’t.”

Joe Straus announced his decision taking pride in the fact that he was walking away from the speaker’s post not because he was forced but because it was what he wanted saying “Don’t do it until you can’t.”

I will extend that same advice to my Texas transgender community. Dan Patrick was exuberant that Trump, an ‘ally was in the White House” meaning he wouldn’t feel any pressure from that direction to moderate anti-LGBT legislation.

With Joe Straus gone all bets are off. Forget the bathroom bills of 2017. The ones they will pass in 2019 will intrude on your daily life making it legally impossible for you to live authentically.  You very well might face jail time for using a public restroom.

If you have trans children it very well might be a good time to do some serious reflection. For you and your loved ones. I am sorry, We will dearly miss you, Joe Straus, you kept us sane, thank you for your service.

Kelli Busey
Kelli, Busey is managing editor at Planet Transgender


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