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Joana Domingos, 19, shot and killed in Rio Largo, Brazil

Joana Domingos
Joana Domingos

Sometimes the murder of our youth causes all but the perpetrators to pause for a moment and lament the injustice and brutality of such acts. Such is the case of Joana Domingos, 19, a beautiful young woman robbed of her life on October 25.

Joana Domingos is the 6th trans woman murdered in the state of Alagoas, and the 141st transgender person murdered in Brazil this calander year.

Nildo Correia president of the Grupo Gay de Alagoas – GGAL wrote:

“A trans woman was shot dead on the night of October 25 in the rural area of the municipality of Rio Largo. The victim was murdered at the entrance of the Antônio Lins – Mata do Rolo complex. Joana Domingos, 19 years old, was shot 7 times and died on the spot.”

Nildo Correia, in an interview with Jornal de Alagoas said that he regretted her death and blamed the State for the lack of attention.

“Unfortunately, this rampant violence mainly affects minorities. With 15 LGBT people killed this year in Rio Largo, Alagoas, the statistics reveal an average of more than one murder per month. This is only due to the absence of public policies, which would work to insert into the labor market, in school and culture “.

According to him, most of the crimes have no identification of the suspect, compromising the investigation. “In many cases, there is not even the suspect, let alone the defendant I confess. This is the reality, perhaps, due to the absence of public equipment and the lack of interest of some professionals”, he highlights.

Correia says he believes that if the promise of creating a police station for vulnerable populations is fulfilled, the scenario could improve. “Although the framework will only change if the proposal materializes, with a structured police station and with a team able to work on the issue of serving this public”.

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