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Jennifer Laude’s fiancé Marc Suselbeck travels 10,000 clicks, climbs fence to confront accused killer

Jennifer sister
Jennifer Laude’s sister climbs the fence and is treated with compassion by soldier Mariano Pamittan, much to the credit of the military. Click here to watch opens in a new windo

Marc Suselbeck, the German fiancée of slain Filipino transgender women Jennifer Laude nearly broke into tears blaming the German embassy for denying her a visa. Suselbeck explains the embassy didn’t believe she was a woman who wanted to marry and rejected her applications filed April and May of 2014.

Suselbeck believes had the German embassy allowed her to travel the love of his life would still be alive today.

The Philippines currently does not allow transgender people to change their legal documents.

Star Suns Max Sangil wrote “Many of us would still be scratching in disbelief, on how a very handsome fellow like Marc, crossed oceans ,wanted to tear apart the suspected killer, because he lost his fiancee, a male himself.”
Sengil then goes on in what seems to be a Filipino tradition, to examine his own perceptions leaving the door open for change.

Her name is Jennifer Salamat sa lahat na nag share

Indeed change is happening. I am seeing more and more local publications identifying her as Jennifer, while making no mention of her birth name.

The military wants Marc deported after he followed Jennifer’s sister over the fence where her accused murderer is being held.

Marc and Jennifer's sister at the wake Friday. Photos by Jose Del, Randy Datu, George Moya, and Buena Bernal –
Marc and Jennifer’s sister at the wake Friday.
Photos by Jose Del, Randy Datu, George Moya, and Buena Bernal –

Jennifer funeral 2

marc passport
SOJ De Lima says Sueselback is facing deportation for being an “undesirable alien” and has to face charges first before he could leave. PHOTO via RUDY SANTOS

On Sunday, Sueselbeck apologized for his behavior.

In a “departure statement” posted online by Roque, Sueselbeck said:

“I extend my sincere apology for the incident that happened at Camp Aguinaldo on 22 October 2014. I regret that my action appeared as if I was disrespecting Philippine authorities, especially the Armed Forces of the Philippines. That was not my intention,” he said.

“I understand I was perceived by Philippine military officials as having pushed a soldier in a violent manner. It certainly was not an assault. I could not immediately stop my forward movement but video footage from any of the media covering that event can prove that I never aggressively attacked any soldier. I merely wanted to reach Marilou, make sure she was safe, and join her in asking questions. I believe that if I were truly aggressive and posed a true threat, the soldiers would not have hesitated to forcefully stop me. I heard the soldiers say that we “could get arrested for being on that ground.” I was able to reach Marilou and we left the area together,” he added.

Just an observation, but to me, it appeared Marc did shove the soldier aggressively. Love will make you do things you would never dream of doing. Dedicated to your love Marc, You have walked the walk.

Jennifer funeral 3

Kelli Busey
Kelli, Busey is managing editor at Planet Transgender


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